Kerry Lee, PhD (Education University of Hong Kong)

Portrait photo of Kerry LeeProfessor Kerry Lee joined The Education University of Hong Kong in 2017. He is currently the Head of the Department of Early Childhood Education and Director of the Centre for Educational and Developmental Sciences. Trained as a cognitive developmental psychologist at the University of Sydney and Macquarie University, his work focuses on mathematical achievement, working memory, and the development of executive functioning. He is an associate editor of Learning and Individual Differences and serves on the editorial or review boards of Child Development, the European Journal of Psychological Assessment, and Frontline Learning Research.

Lisa Archibald, PhD (University of Western Ontario, CA)

Portrait photo of Lisa ArchibaldLisa Archibald is a speech-language pathologist and professor in the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Western Ontario (Canada). Lisa studies links between memory and language processes in individuals with communication disorders. In particular, she is interested in working memory and language learning deficits in children. Recently, Lisa has focused on SLP-educator school-based collaborations, and has been part of an international team considering terminology and profile for children with and unexplained, persistent language disorder now known as developmental language disorder (DLD).