Call for Papers

Executive Functions in Language Development and Arithmetical Learning: Behavioral and Neuropsychological Insights

October 7, 2022 | Digital Symposium
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Understanding the development and causes for problems in children’s language as well as mathematical competencies has been the aim of different disciplines for the past decades. Research shows that especially executive functions play a crucial role for both language development and arithmetical learning. In turn, children’s arithmetical skills are often linked to their language development as well as their working memory (i.e., executive functions), or a combination of both. However, the underlying interrelations still remain largely unclear.

This international symposium aims to bring together scholars from different disciplines including psychology, pedagogy, special education, psycholinguistics, rehabilitation sciences, educational sciences, mathematics education, neuroscience, and other related fields to gather and discuss current insights from a behavioral as well as neuropsychological perspective.

We invite contributions on a wide range of topics including, but not strictly limited to:

  • executive functions and language development
  • executive functions and arithmetical learning
  • interrelations of executive functions, language, and arithmetic
  • cognitive processes underlying language and arithmetic
  • implications for teaching and instruction

The symposium program will include both digital presentations and digital poster sessions. Workinprogress submissions are encouraged.